Our team


Contact benefits from a well established all-women team.

We are from a range of backgrounds and possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill in supporting children and young people with all sorts of different needs.


Hostel Manager

Ruth worked in the NHS and for Social Services for 21 years before joining Contact.

She has been Manager at the Hostel for 19 years.

Deputy Manager

Alison has worked for Contact for 14 years as Fundraiser.

She has vital first hand experience of the house, having first come to Contact for support when she needed help. She is also a foster carer.

Senior Support Worker

Karen has worked for Contact as a Senior Support Worker for eight years.

Previously she worked for the education authority and in a mother and baby unit provided by a local charity.

Support Worker

Lisa has worked at Contact for 22 years as a Support Worker.

She has previous experience in  residential care.

Casual Support Worker

Chris has been a casual Support Worker at Contact for 10 years

He has previous experience of working in various residential settings for children, young people and adults.

Casual Support Worker

Phyllis has worked at Contact as a casual Support Worker  12 years.

She has previous experience of working with adults and young people in a range of NHS and social care settings.


Alison has a wealth of experience in fundraising.

She has worked at Contact for 18 months.