Getting help – who do I ask?

Who can help me?

Education – how do I find a course? Who can help me?

Roundhouse -– 0161 614 8448                        Manchester College – 0800 068 8585

Money – I want to learn how to save for a rainy day

‘I’m in debt and I don’t know what to do.’ Talk to the CAB or YASP and they can help you. Don’t forget that short-term loans can be very, very expensive in the long-term. If you need to borrow money the best place is from a Credit Union.

A Credit Union is a bit like a Building Society as they help people to save. If you do need to borrow money then the most they will charge you is 2% over a year. For example, if you borrow £500 over a year and pay back about £20 every two weeks you will pay back a total of £533. That means you pay back the money you borrowed and only an extra £33. It’s also a good place to save.

Want to find out where there is one near you? Phone: 0161 832 3694.

Open a bank account.

Bank or building society: what is the difference? You can get a basic account with either of these. You will need some proof of who you are and where you live. A bank is owned like a business by a few people and a building society is owned by all the people (in a very small way) who use it. This means that the profit in a bank goes to a few people and the profit in a building society gets put back into the building society.

Alcohol and drugs – am I drinking too much? How do I get help?

The guideline on alcohol is for women to have no more than 15 units a week. There are about 10 in a bottle of wine, 3 in a can of strong larger and 28 in a bottle of spirits. Ask your GP for more information.

Turning Point – 0161 238 5100 – There are different projects in Manchester so phone and ask them. They can be helpful if you think you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol.

Talk to Frank – information about drugs – 0800 77 66 00

Leisure time – I’m bored! And broke! What can I do? Where?

If you have access to the Internet then look at as this has lots of information on things to do and places to go. Some things are free!

There are websites like that can give you discounts too. For example in September 2010 you could get 40% off cinema tickets.

I like sport. Where can I go? Phone the Manchester Sport and Leisure Trust on 0161 220 3800. They can tell you where the best place is for you to go. Don’t forget – a Manchester Leisure Pass will give you money off when you go to a swimming pool or sports centre that is part of the scheme. All you need for the pass is a passport sized photo and proof that you live or study in Manchester.